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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program?
Farrex is an Approved Participant in Transport Canadas Air Cargo Security Program, a program which seeks to mitigate risks, threats and possible danger in air transportation.

What are Dangerous Goods?
Dangerous goods are those materials that may potentially be flammable/ explosive or harmful to human beings. There are several categories of Dangerous goods and the staff of Farrex are able to address your concerns about such materials. Please contact us for further details.

Are Farrex staff qualified to handle Dangerous Goods?
Members of Farrexs staff maintain valid dangerous goods qualifications at all times and work in compliance with Transport Canadas dangerous goods regulations.

Does Farrex offer cargo insurance?
Yes. While Cargo Insurance is not required it is prudent to protect your shipment from factors that could put it at risk. Please contact Farrex for further information .

Actual or Chargeable Weight
Chargeable weight is calculated using a formula including all three dimensions, i.e. length x width x height. IATA regulations state that the cost of freight must be calculated on the chargeable weight. Chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or the volume weight, whichever is greater.

What is a B13A?
B13A = Export Declaration. The CBSA requires a B13A to be completed by the exporter and is used for customs control purposes. The exporter is defined as the person or company including a non-resident exporter that exports goods or causes them to be exported.

What is AMPS?
The Administrative Monetary Penalty System ( AMPS) is a penalty system that secures compliance with customs legislation through the application of penalties.

How to apply for a credit account with Farrex?
You would need to fill out a credit application and supply all necessary information. Once a credit check has been performed and credit is approved, you would be granted the appropriate credit limit and payment terms if applicable.

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